What the Current Fed & Market Overview Means for Community Banks

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Dr. Edmond Seifried Ph.D.

Renowned national community bank economist

Change in the Community Financial Institution space has been at a fevered pace -- both from external forces, and from within. The path forward has its own stresses to navigate to position ourselves to hit our strategic goals for 2023 and beyond.

In these quarterly events, Dr. Ed interprets the Fed’s data and continues to explore what the next 3-18 months might look like for your community bank, while framing the last 18 months of unprecedented change. This is 55 minutes of insights that are offered to you for free.

Dr. Ed's quarterly Economic & Fed Overview calls are quickly becoming a don’t-miss event for more and more executives - reserve your seat(s) now for next years full suite of quarterly Dr. Ed events in 2023.

If you are not already familiar with a White Paper that Dr. Ed Seifried published in April of this year, it will likely be of interest to your executive team, ALCO, and Investment Committees. The Transparency Analysis would likely be great due diligence for your BOD. In his recent White Paper Dr. Ed identified just over $297,000 in yearly savings opportunity for the average community financial institution that was studied. Click the added box within the registration page to see the white paper and discuss its implications for your institution.

11 AM EST - 8 AM PST

Who’s it for?

Come join us and Dr. Ed and soak in his strategic inputs to guide your future decision making. Get plugged in, especially if you are:

  • Community bank CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, and Chief Investment Officers
  • ALCO Committee Members
  • Investment Committee Members
  • Board of Directors
  • Up-and-coming bank employees

What You ’ll Learn

Fed decision making outlook for 2023 and into the future

Headwinds and tailwinds that affect Community Banks and Credit Unions

Innovative ways to utilize excess cash

Fed uncertainty, risk estimate graphs, and DSGE forecasts

Interest rates, posture, and future Fed policy

Risks of known and yet unforeseen economic shocks

And More...


As a nationally recognized speaker on economic issues and forecasting techniques, Edmond Seifried Ph.D., provides a unique, simplified approach that will help you through the maze of economic indicators and financial news releases. Dr. Ed frequently appears as a keynote speaker at regional and national community banking conferences and has delivered over 2,000 presentations to various groups both in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Seifried serves as the Dean of the Virginia and West Virginia Banking Schools and has served on the faculty of numerous banking schools including: Stonier Graduate School of Banking, and the Graduate School of Banking of the South. He’s also the author of many books including The Art of Strategic Planning for Community Banks.

Don’t Miss Dr. Ed’s Next Fed & Market Overview Call