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Investment Management

Investment Management

Non-correlated investment management for qualified clients.

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SB Value Partners, L.P.

Managing Trust & Investment Services For Community Banks

SB Value Partners, L.P. provides asset management services to community bank trust departments, financial institutions and high net worth individuals. As a qualified investor, you need a flexible, unique asset manager with experience in all market environments to compliment your existing investment offerings. SB Value Partners, L.P. is your answer. Please click on the Ask Us How button to begin the conversation.

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SAB Moderate Equity (NAV as of 03/26/2020)

INCEPTION 1/1/2000
SAB Moderate Equity L.P.$  953.47       -26.80    +90.69%

SAB Capital Markets (NAV as of 03/26/2020)

INCEPTION 1/1/2011
SAB Capital Markets L.P.$1,683.85 +4.52%+68.39%

Individual returns will vary based on your initial date of purchase for any of the SAB Partnerships. Performance results are net of all fees and expenses.  NET CHG YTD is the net change in Net Asset Value for the period of January 1, 2020 to the current date shown above. ALL FIGURES ABOVE ARE UNAUDITED AND SUBJECT TO REVISION AND ARE FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

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SB Value Partners, L.P. provides trust & investment
management services to community banks, financial institutions & high net worth individuals.