SB Value Portfolio Transparency ToolsTM

If you buy bonds for your institution…our SBV Portfolio Transparency Tools™ might change the way you do business.

For years, financial institutions have been paying high, hidden commission mark-ups for sub-par investment performance. SB Value uses FinTech and Traditional tools to analyze your fixed income trade flow. This complimentary analysis serves as the basis for potential invitation to the SB Value Transparency Platform – a robust low-cost fixed income platform your institution accesses for a flat-fee.

Traditional Portfolio Securities Transactions SB Value Transparency Platform TM
Hidden Mark-Ups No Mark-Ups
Incentive Driven Compensation No Incentive Compensation
Single Source Multi-Source
100% Human Human Plus FinTech

How We Do It

SB Value’s Free Portfolio Transparency Analysis Helps You Eliminate Onerous Transaction Costs In Your Portfolio

Is The SB Value Transparency PlatformTM Right For Your Institution?

3 Simple Steps to Price Discovery in Your Portfolio:


Execute Non-Disclosure Agreement


Exchange of Securities Transaction Data and Analysis


Receive Free Portfolio Transaction Cost Analysis, Including GAAP, ROE and ROA Ramifications

“Lack of portfolio transparency and associated hidden bond mark-ups reduce community financial institution profitability and capital levels. In this environment of low interest rates and margin compression, these hidden costs are more onerous than ever, and warrant further scrutiny.”

– Dr. Ed Seifried

“What Do Bond Mark-Ups REALLY Cost Community Financial Institutions?”

White Paper – March 2020