Your Trusted Partners

SB Value Partners, LP (SBV)

  •  Inception: January 2000
  •  No debt since inception
  • 100% plus average annual ROE
  • Advises over $ 3.8 Billion of community financial institution investment portfolios. Manages $400 million for community financial institutions and their customers in Managed Accounts and 3(c)(1) L.P.s
  • Provides Platform Sharing Access to Community Financial Institution
  • Specializes in Transparent Portfolio Advisory Services
  • 13 Employees/Exclusive Consultants, Average Tenure: 9 years

Investment Professionals, Inc. (IPI): Pre-Acquisition*

  • Inception: May 1992
  • Specialized in Non-Deposit Investment Sales Programs in 148 community financial institutions in 29 states. 305 Employees/Financial Consultants.
  • Historically the Most Highly Rated Financial Institution Investment Firm in the Country (Source: American Brokerage Consultants, multiple years)
  • Managed $8.20 Billion in retail and institutional assets
  • 100 % plus Average Annual ROE and Zero Debt
  • Purchased by Ameriprise (NYSE: AMP) in July 2017

*Special Note: The sale of IPI by SB Value Principals in 2017 is important in understanding SB Value Partners, LP. This liquidity event allows SBV to concentrate exclusively on building FinTech tools and resources for community financial institutions without capital or revenue pressures – a unique situation in today’s world.

Scott A. Barnes

Managing Partner, SB Value
  • Founder and Managing Partner of SB Value Partners, LP (1999 – present)
  • Founder and Manager of SAB Moderate Equity Partnership (1999 – present), an investment partnership concentrating on community financial institution ownership
  • Founder of SAB Capital Markets LP (2011-present), an AI based municipal bond trading platform
  • Founder and Former Chairman of Investment Professionals, Inc. (1992-2017), a broker-dealer specializing in community financial institutions. Sold to Ameriprise (NYSE: AMP) in 2017
Since Inception SBV Has Had:
One Primary Owner
No Debt
Over 100% Average Annual ROA

The managing partner of SBV is also co-founder of Full Force Foundation, a Scott and Martha Barnes Mission that specializes in providing therapy and counseling to underprivileged youth and adults.

Profits from SBV help fund the Full Force Foundation mission.

“100% of our efforts are dedicated to increase ROA and ROE in community financial institutions with no additional capex.”

– Scott A. Barnes, SB Value Founder and Managing Partner