SB Value Capital Markets

The SB Value Capital Markets Group uses its proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to analyze fixed income securities, helping you generate additional ROA and ROE from your existing bond portfolio.

Utilizing SAB Capital Markets, your investment portfolio will include a high performance, uncorrelated strategy that has historically increased both securities account yield on investment (YOI) and total institution pre-tax profitability… often materially! Please see historical returns and salient features below:

SBV Capital Markets vs Typical Community Financial Institution Yield on Investment (Historical)

Initial investment
Return (Through 3/31/2022)
Cumulative Return (%) Since Inception
Value of $5 Million Initial Portfolio Investment Since Inception (1.1.2000)
SBV Capital Markets $5mil +4.64% +69.31% $8,451,582
Sample Comm. Financial Institution YOI $5mil +2.32% +30.43% $6,471,839

*Through 2022; Pre-tax compounded returns since inception. Bank YOI does NOT include capital gains and losses. SBV Managed Account and benchmarks are marked-to-market daily.

SAB Capital Markets Platform:

A Profitable FinTech Addition to Your Investment Portfolio

SAB Capital Market Highlights (Since Inception 1/1/2011)

  • 774,248 trades representing almost $19.9 billion in par value of securities
  • Net Average Annual Return over 100% more than typical community financial institution yield on investment
  • Marked to market daily
  • No negative years
  • SBV has vast OCC, FDIC, Fed and State examination experience and provides all reporting and regulatory guidance
Benefits to Your Institution
SB Value Proprietary Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence
Access to Unique Investment- Grade Securities Markets
Uncorrelated Profitable Investment Strategy to Hedge Your Existing Portfolio

SB Value Partners, LP is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser. Registration with the SEC as an Investment Adviser does not imply that SB Value Partners, LP, or any principals or employees of SB Value Partners, LP posses a particular level of skill or training in the investment advisory or other business. SB Value Partners, LP does not offer or provide legal or tax advice. The above information is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed to be recommendations for clients or brokers. Performance figures shown are past results and are not predictive of results in future periods. Current and future results may be lower or higher than those shown. The performance of the SAB Partnerships should not be relied upon in making a decision on investment in the Partnerships and should not offer any assurances of the performance of an investment in the Partnerships. Performance results are net of all fees and expenses. Net Total Returns are since inception of the partnership and through the date shown.  Individual returns will vary based on your initial date of purchase for any of the SAB Partnerships.