FTDO: Industry Q2 2022 Call Report Data Summary Findings

Summary:  Some eye-opening trends are taking shape in the Community banking Industry that seem to be indicating a Tale of Two Cities scenario where the triangulation of (1) Loan Demand (positive, neutral, or negative), (2) Securities Portfolio "realized" Losses (if sales are required), (3) Institution Sources of Liquidity (FHLB/FED, sale of Securities, incremental deposit growth costs, et.al.) and (4) tightening of Cash & Cash on-Hand are starting to take center stage for many institutions.

Key Important Industry Wide Take-Away's from Bill Moreland's recent "2022 Q2 Asset Review" piece:

  • The Industrywide assets $255.92B (-1.07%) quarterly drop is the second largest $ drop in history trailing the $367.72B plunge in 2009 Q1. The drop in Assets was driven by a significant reduction in Deposits.
  • Bank Deposits fell $369.93B (-1.86%) in Q2 which is unprecedented. Since 2003 there have only been 7 quarters (just 9%) with a negative deposit growth print. The prior low was the $115.32 (-1.27%) drop in 2009 Q1.
  • What saved the Asset shrinkage from being even greater was the $122.04B gain (59.92%) in FHLB Advances - the third highest $ increase on record.
  • Net Loans and Leases leapt $410.55B (3.67%) in Q2 to hit an all time high of $11.59 Trillion. The gain was the largest $ on record and the second highest %.
  • Total Securities shrunk $112.08 Billion (-1.79%) to $6.15 Trillion. The $112.08B drop is the largest $ on record with the -1.79% coming in 3rd behind the -3.43% in 2003 Q3 and -4.18% in 2003 Q4.
  • Cash & Balances Due plunged $554.04B (-16.41%) in Q2 - by far the largest drop in history.

All of the above bullets are taken directly out of the Bill Moreland eMail and used above with permission from Bill Moreland and are believed to be accurate and used for directional purposes of aggregated call report data and other sources used by Bank Reg Data.

Lot's of additional insights & graphs in Bill's report. Please call or eMail us if you would like to see Bill Moreland's report in it's entirety we would be happy to eMail it to you, or go directly to the Bank Reg Data website if you are already a customer of his.

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