SB Value Partners FinTech Tools

Our Proprietary Fixed Income Tools Are Robust, Redundant… and Effective!

  • Over 26,000 lines of code analyzing over 200,000 securities per day
  • 2-way, multi-threaded, high-performance algorithms connected to all major electronic dealers and select traditional dealers
  • Bid on over 7,800 securities per day
  • Analyzes multiple market variables instantaneously, including but not limited to maturities, structures, coupons, ratings and tax provisions
  • Has outperformed every human system we have analyzed in the past 8 years

SB Value FinTech Resources and Analysts:
The Results Speak for Themselves

Our analysts have identified an estimated $47 million in fixed income mark-up savings since 2018.

Investment Returns:
Our proprietary FinTech tools have generated approximately $48 million in profits for our partners since 2011…without a down year.