1970 to 2020: Inflation, Rates, Stocks

Summary: Some important historical perspective to consider during times of volatility

1. Stocks generally do not do much during high periods of inflation as pressure on profits weight performance

2. Yields tend to generally increase and follow the trend of higher CPI numbers

3. Generally as the CPI decreases, yields tend to follow suit and equities tend to rise

When you look at CPI, treasury yields and equities in one overlayed chart, because the bond markets (aka treasuries) are ten times the size of the equity markets, they tend to be the greatest confirmation of historic moves. As you can see depicted above from a historical perspective, when the CPI rises, generally bonds followed suit thereafter once the 'markets' confirmed that higher inflation was here to stay.

In turn, equities, the smaller of the markets and historically the least 'market' confirming of the three, finally started to upward trend -- that is, once the CPI and the bond 'market' started their long downward slide toward 2020. In a nutshell, it behooves all investors not to underestimate the bond market as we believe that it has been the most reliable source of market moving trends.

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